Advancing Curriculum Understanding Institute

Engage in collaborative conversations, authentic curriculum review and the use of the analytical tools in Atlas to refine your curriculum.  The aim is to propel the process, based on the needs and goals of your school or district.

Institute Dates:

  • TBD

Day 1: What our Curriculum Data Tells Us

Big Idea:

With the lens of quality, examine the different analytical tools available in Atlas to assist in driving curriculum conversations.



  • Determine what curricular conversations are needed to further student achievement
  • Use a variety of techniques to search your curriculum to help guide curricular review
  • Use the Curricular Analytic tools in Atlas to facilitate conversations on the vertical and horizontal articulation of the curriculum
  • Examine different protocols and tools available in Atlas to structure review of the curriculum

Key Take-Away Items:

  • Create a series of reports that will support key curriculum questions
  • Develop a series of protocols for using the analytical tools with colleagues
  • Set a goal for taking the tools back to school

Day 2: Creating a Focus for Curriculum Review

Big Idea:

Examine components of successful curricular review processes and how they might be employed at your school or district to sustain ongoing curricular enhancement. 


  • Identify quality elements and discuss curriculum characteristics through curricular review
  • Explore three main types of review with an emphasis on quality curriculum
  • Model a process for collaboration and conversation through the curriculum maps
  • Create protocols that will provide your colleagues with the facilitation tools necessary to conduct curricular review based on key goals identified

Key Take-Away Items:

  • Review curriculum based on the quality elements identified and be able to provide direct feedback using Atlas tools
  • Develop at least one protocol for review that will provide colleagues a guide for analyzing the curriculum
  • Create academic goals that will direct the review of the curriculum

Day 3: Strategies for Advancement

Big Idea:

Apply the understandings gained from the previous workshop days to expand the knowledge and resources needed to support the curriculum process at your school or district.

Workshop Goals:

  • Reflect on the goals you set in the previous sessions and determine what resources are needed to support them
  • Work with other participants to brainstorm ideas that will support the curriculum analysis and review process
  • Create a resource that will drive the curriculum review at your school or district

Key Take-Away Items:

  • Develop a strategic tool that will support the needs and goals of the curriculum process
  • Previous participants have focused their day on one of the following:
    • Define what quality curriculum is at your school or district by creating mouse-over definitions, or a rubric identifying the unit categories
    • Use the analytical tools to answer your key curricular questions
    • Create a presentation that walks your colleagues through the use of the analytical tools and different curriculum scenarios at your school or district
    • Update your Atlas system to reflect the current curriculum initiatives

Who Should Attend?

Anyone who has an interest in analyzing curriculum data to make more informed decisions on the curriculum process, along with those who play an active role in reviewing curriculum and work with colleagues to direct conversations.

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